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Hey, I'm Gemma.

Welcome to my little blog, it's just started to fun it's feet and I am so in love with it right now. If you're all about that minimal meets 70s lifestyle then stick around, you'll fit right in. I've also kicked off my youtube channel, so if you don't fancy a read, skip on over to there with a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Collaboration Opportunity 

I'm a fashion design and fashion communication graduate and aspiring stylist/shoot coordinator for a fashion brand. I have a years community management under my belt but am currently a freelance content creator and stylist. Hit me up if your interesting in working together, I love working with up and coming photographers/MUA and models.


Any items marked with a * were gifted to me to feature on my blog. I choose all items I feature myself, so don't worry I won't mislead you with ugly clothing/products! This blog sometimes uses affiliate links :)

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